11 Best Shower Filters of 2018 – Find The One For Your Needs

Technology has ensured that we get good quality water for all our needs. A major reason why is because of techniques like water chlorination which rids water of common germs and diseases.

Treating water with chlorine does get rid of germs but it creates new problems – it alters the quality of the water and this has a profound effect on our bodies. It can cause hair fall, rough and itchy skin, and in worse cases cardiovascular complications. Another thing is that there are several types of pollutants in the water as well. These also need to be filtered out of your shower for your own health.

What you need is a dedicated shower filter that can help with cleaning out the pollutants that get left behind. And this is important because the quality of water you use for showering affects the quality of your skin. You need to check out shower filter reviews to find out what the best option for you would be.

What is a shower filter?

A shower filter is basically a purpose-built filter that acts as a barrier between germs and good quality water. They act as a deterrent to many disease-causing bacteria, filter excess chlorine from the water and help keep you fit and healthy.

There are several types of filters on the market today, and you can choose one depending on your needs and budget. While it is true that no filter is 100% effective, the price and a shower filter’s ease of use and its benefits make a compelling argument in favor of owning one.

Top 11 Shower Filter Product Reviews

Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head

If you’re on the lookout for a shower filter that is not very expensive but can do a great job of cleaning up your water, then the Culligan WSH-C125 is what you need. You’ll be surprised to find out how easy it installs and the features this shower filter has.

  • It is pretty inexpensive and installs very easily without any tools. If you have an older shower outlet, you might need to get your toolbox out.
  • This shower filter removes significant amounts of chlorine, sulfur and harmful bacteria. Also, this is a water filter, and you won’t find it is useful against hard water.
  • It has several spray settings which is surprising given the price.
  • The filtration element is a cartridge which can be easily replaced and is not very expensive either.


  • Priced extremely well
  • Good performance against chlorine (99%), pollutants and bacteria
  • Different spray settings
  • Easy to clean nozzles
  • Lasts up to 6 months or 10,000 gallons of water


  • May not offer high-pressure water flow
  • Hard water will be a problem

Expert Tip

If you’re looking for a shower filter that is inexpensive and removes a significant amount of chlorine and other pollutants along with germs, the Culligan is an impressive performer. It comes with a choice of spray settings – which is difficult to find at this price range. Installation is significantly easier when compared to other shower filter heads, and the cartridge is easy to replace as well.

Berkey Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head

If you have hard water and are unable to find a filter that can remove chlorine, then you should take a look at the Berkey KDSF-Head Shower Filter. While it might have a slightly bigger footprint when it comes to the filtration unit, it offers fantastic performance removing impurities and also reduces the hardness in your water to an impressive degree.

  • It removes chlorine, reduces scaling, filters mold and fungus. It reduces chlorine content through redox reactions which means the removal of chlorine is a lot more thorough.
  • It has a filter life of 20,000 gallons which is a long period of time for the average household.
  • It has a built-in massage function which can give you a spa-like experience.
  • All your fittings will have a longer life when you start using this filter.


  • Significant reduction of chlorine
  • Particulate filters reduce pollutants
  • Lasts for 25,000 gallons
  • It has “Full Flow” meaning the strength of your shower is not affected
  • Has a massage function
  • Works for both hot (48C) and cold water


  • Slightly expensive when compared to other filters
  • Quality of plastics could be improved

Expert Tip

This is one of the better filters around which is cost effective as well as offers a Redox KDF filter. This along with a particulate filter ensures that there’s very little chance of impurities getting into your shower water.

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

The Aquasana AQ-4100 is one of the few upflow shower filters that we have on here and we are all in support of its design choices. The advantage upflow filters have is that clogging is minimal and scale buildup is considerably less. The Aquasana is an adjustable shower head filter with different spray types.

  • It has coconut shell carbon which is proven to be really effective at removing chlorine, metals, chemicals, and pollutants from your water. It also does a great job at keeping chlorine out.
  • The upflow design of the Aquasana helps keep it clean and free from clogs even after considerable usage. This also helps maintain consistent water pressure throughout.
  • Its filter works for 10,000 gallons of water which is quite a long time when you consider the filter is priced reasonably.


  • Great quality of water
  • Filter lasts for 10000 gallons
  • It has an adjustable spray
  • Easy installation


  • Doesn’t help with hard water

Expert Tip

The Aquasana filter definitely worked to improve the basic quality of water. Its selling point is the coconut shell carbon that can filter several volatile chemicals that can cause adverse reactions on our skin and physiology. Replacing the filters is pretty easy – all you need to do is twist and change it out. It also has different spray settings which can help you get a massage-like shower just at your local spa.

T3 Source Showerhead Shower Filter

This shower filter is up at the luxury end of the spectrum, and this is for good reason. T3 Source Showerhead Shower Filter is purported to give you a really clean showering experience and has several settings that can fool you into thinking that you’re getting a shower at a spa. It reduces chlorine considerably along with reducing other pollutants found in the water.

  • This is the most expensive shower filter in our lineup, but it has the looks and durability that make it seem worth its price.
  • The filter reduces about 95% of chlorine in the water. It has a mineral mixture of calcium sulfide, copper, and zinc which helps reduce chlorine and remove harmful substances like iron oxide and hydrogen sulfide.
  • It has nozzles that are low maintenance and do not attract a lot of scaling. You can simply rub against the nozzles with your fingers to remove scaling.
  • It has 7 different shower spray settings that control the flow of water. It is only effective up to a temperature of about 120F after which it loses its effectiveness.
  • It has a filter that works for about 10,000 gallons or about 6 months.


  • Built really well, felt pretty durable
  • Has 7 different spray settings
  • Reduction of chlorine, and other harmful heavy metals
  • Easy to remove scaling from nozzles


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to replace the filter

Expert Tip

The T3 Source Showerhead Shower Filter is definitely a looker when it comes to aesthetics and by the time we were done, we found it performed as well as it looks. It has a unique mineral filter which can get rid of harmful chemicals in the water and keep your skin and hair looking fresh and young. The filter lasts for about 6 months which is the de facto standard when it comes to shower filters.

AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter

The AquaBliss Universal Shower Filter looks big, bright and bold slathered with chrome all over. It is not very expensive and definitely looks well built for the price they’re offering it at. It has a simple looking filter which gets rid of chlorine, bacteria, mold and heavy metals.

  • Priced really well for the performance it offers and the filter cartridges are cheap as well.
  • It has a combination of KDF55, calcium sulfite and activated carbon filter which can work together to remove a lot of impurities and heavy metals usually present in water.
  • It is easy to fit on different sizes of pipes owing to the universal fit – it requires zero tools to fit. The filters slide in and out easily so replacing them is not going to be much of a problem.
  • It is about 6 inches in length, so it might take a good chunk of space away from your initial shower head placement.


  • Cost-effective solution for better water
  • Removes chlorine, and other contaminants like lead, cadmium, and aluminum.
  • It has a simple, tool-less install
  • No more dry skin or aging hair
  • It has a 3-stage filter which can easily be replaced


  • If you’re tall, you might need to get accurate measurements before you buy
  • The filter needs to be replaced every 6 months

Expert Tip

AquaBliss is one of those shower filters that are not very expensive but offer more than just an average shower. It eliminates odors, chlorine, harmful heavy metals giving you water that doesn’t age you and a fraction of the price of the other shower filters in this review.

Sonaki Vitamin C Filter Inline Shower Assembly

When it comes to shower filters, a vitamin C filter might be a great choice despite the high price. Sonaki Vitamin C Filter Inline Shower gives you all the benefits of a vitamin C filter at a great price with durable build quality. Also, this fits directly onto your showerhead pipe meaning you don’t have to tinker around much with fitting this.

  • Because of the vitamin C filter, it not just removes chlorine but also chloramines which are not easily removed even with the use of KDF filters.
  • It has a short filter life, only about 3000 gallons of water which comes to about 3 months. But to offset this, Sonaki filters are not very expensive compared to other filters in the market.
  • Good for sensitive skin, babies, pets and also fish aquariums.
  • While this is a low flow showerhead, there is significant water pressure to make showering a pleasant experience.
  • It also has a ceramic ball which is purported to minimize the size of the water molecules and also energizes it to give you a boost in energy levels.


  • Vitamin c based filter does away with chlorine and chloramines as well
  • Safe for babies and pets
  • High temperatures do not impair its function
  • Can offer up to 60% water savings depending on the shower head you choose


  • Is a bit more expensive than regular filters
  • The filter needs to be replaced every 3,000 gallons

Expert Tip

This snappy looking unit is one of the more cost-effective vitamin c filters out there at the moment. The manufacturers claim that it reduces up to 99.9% chlorine and chloramines. Even though this is a low-flow shower head, it has impressive water pressure. Another advantage of the Sonaki Vitamin C Filter Inline Shower is that unlike other filters, water temperature does not affect the functioning of the unit. Overall a great buy if you’re looking for a good vitamin c filter.

Sprite High Output Chlorine Removing Shower Filter

The Sprite All Brass High Output Chrome Chlorine Removing Shower Filter is definitely one of the better-built shower filters in the roundup. The metal filter is quite durable and a lot more functional than the ABS version. It also has a filter cartridge that is reversible and that lasts for a year. Has to be noted that Sprite shower filter is just the shower filter and does not come with a shower head.

  • This features complete brass construction and so has robust build quality, will last you a lot longer. We feel that it offers considerable advantages over the ABS versions of other brands.
  • This is a high output filter, meaning that mounting this will not compromise the water pressure of your shower.
  • This showerhead is rated for 20k gallons or a period of 12 months. Because it has a large housing, it is up to 500% larger than other shower filter models.


  • Made of brass and feel durable and solid
  • Compatible with a wide range of pipes
  • Filter lasts up to a year, and it’s reversible
  • Large cartridge holds a much bigger filtration element when compared to other shower filters


  • Big and heavy, can take away a few inches from your showering space

Expert Tip

This is a no-muss, no-fuss shower filter which can give you a year of chlorine-free water, soft hair and skin. The filter consists of KDF-55 and Chlorgon both which can work at varying temperatures to rid your water of pollutants that can affect your health. Since it’s a high output filter, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your shower.

Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System

Another shower with an upflow filter, Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System can give you a clean and infection-free showering experience. It looks very promising and it looks a lot like the Aquasana range of shower filters but is a tad expensive when compared to them.

  • One significant improvement to the water this delivers is that it softens water allowing people with hard water problems a method to get filtered water.
  • Has a positive effect on the pH value of the water, leaving you with softer hair and plumper skin. It cuts down on hair fall considerably.
  • This has a cartridge which can last about 6 months. It removes up to 91% of chlorine from the water and treats water hardness as well.


  • Delivers good quality water that is also pH balanced.
  • 2 stage filtration ensures removal of several harmful compounds.


  • A bit more expensive than other similar filters

Expert Tip

The Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System uses a 2 stage filtration system which gets rid of a large number of impurities and even softens hard water. It gives out pH balanced water which will not irritate your skin.

AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head Set

Another shower filter with a big profile, the AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head Set is pretty effective as most reviews go. This shower filter is said to come with a 12 stage filtration system which gets rid of chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, algae, smell ammonia, and rust to name a few. The best part about this is the fact that it can be used as an overhead, rainfall, handheld or combo shower head. This is definitely one of the best shower head filters you can get.

  • A comprehensive filtration package, it has several components that don’t just filter water, but it makes it softer on your skin.
  • It has a good flow mechanism, which means that the water pressure is consistent so you will have no problems with limp showers.
  • It comes with a KDF filter, activated coconut carbon, polypropylene cotton, calcium sulfite, ceramic balls, Maifan balls.


  • Well-built shower filter, great performance over a wide number of pollutants
  • Made out of stainless steel, very durable
  • Easy to install
  • Priced extremely well
  • Comes with several accessories


  • Leakages can occur if not installed right

Expert Tip

This is probably one of the most comprehensive shower filtration systems we tested. It has a great build and can do more for your water than other filters can. This filter, apart from just getting rid of pollutants from your shower, also works to tone down the hardness of the water. The brand is really confident of their product – they’ve even thrown in a free replacement filter as well.

WaterChef Premium Shower Filter System SF-7C

This premium shower filter costs a bomb – let’s get that out of the way here. It reduced the chlorine and chloramine levels in the shower by a considerable amount. It also comes with proprietary technology like ThermalGuard which takes care of chlorine regardless of the temperature of the water.

  • It is built well, but the shower filtration unit is not made out of metal which is a bit disappointing. The deluxe shower head comes with several spray settings which you can use depending on your mood.
  • The shower head unit comes attached with a stainless steel hose which is quite flexible and lined with silicone that is non-toxic and PVC free.


  • Great build quality
  • The stainless hose is flexible
  • Money back guarantee
  • 3-year warranty
  • Different spray patterns on the shower head


  • Expensive
  • Price does not translate to performance

Expert Tip

While this was the most expensive shower filter system in the roundup, it didn’t necessarily translate into performance that blows the rest out of the water. Yes, it offered decent performance when you wanted a chlorine-free shower, and it does an excellent job of it. But, at a price point like this, it needs to be remarkably better than the rest of the competition. Something which it is not.

pH REJUVENATE Vitamin C Shower Filter

Another transparent shower filter built into a shower head, the pH REJUVENATE Vitamin C Shower Filter is something that looks trendy, and it does a good job of filtering water. This shower filter comes with multi-stage filtration which works to remove hardness, chlorine and ionize water all at good water pressure.

  • It looks nice in any bathroom, and it is built well. It produces filtered water with good pressure while still helping you save up to 35% more water.
  • The multi-level filtration consists of vitamin C, Maifan, Zeolite, and Tourmaline. These combine to reduce bacteria, fungus, heavy metals, and fluoride.


  • Several types of filtrates, compact footprint
  • Saves water, increases water pressure
  • Filters last a lot longer compared to the rest of the rivals


  • Made of plastic, might crack if dropped
  • Vitamin c block could’ve been bigger

Expert Tip

A trendy looking shower filter which is well built and comes with several layers of filtrate material. It rids the water of chlorine, heavy metals, and other impurities while removing hardness from the water. The vitamin c block has a life of a month, while the rest of the materials last for 3 months.

Why should you use a shower filter?

A while ago, the consensus when it comes to shower filters was that it is an unnecessary gimmick and only applicable to people who’ve had dermal outbreaks or respiratory ailments. But because of the increased pollution in present times, shower filters are now an important addition to your showering experience.

There are several reasons why you should choose a shower filter for use in your bathroom. Let’s take a look at a few.

Disease-causing bacteria

The average water supply now contains a lot more bacteria than it did and these affect people in a myriad of negative ways. From something as simple as rashes to more serious problems like respiratory ailments.

Avoiding chlorine

Chlorine in the water is a serious problem because when you inhale chlorine from chlorinated water, it has dangerous consequences. This includes complications during pregnancy and cardiovascular impairment. Chlorine is also especially harmful to kids because their systems are not ready to deal with this dangerous gas.

Better skin and hair

Using a shower filter can cut down on pollutants that can cause skin problems like aging, skin irritation, and persistent dandruff problems. Unfiltered shower water can also make your hair rough and dry which increases greys. Shower filters help keep your hair color for longer.

Types of shower filters

There are several types of shower filters out there which use various methods to achieve their goal. The best shower water filters that are available on the market are carbon, vitamin C, and KDF (kinetic degradation fluxion) variants. Additionally, they also come as separate units that can be connected to your existing shower set up, or they come with different types of shower heads as well.

They also differ in their installation process, replacement cartridges and general working. Shower filters can be specific to removing chlorine or filtering the water from more common pollutants. Some shower filters can decrease water hardness by removing high levels of calcium and magnesium.

Vitamin C shower filters

Vitamin C type shower filters are a popular choice for a lot of people because they offer significant advantages when compared to the other types of shower filters. This is because vitamin C filters remove close to 80% of all chlorine present in the water. A vitamin C shower filter usually is made of ascorbic acid which reacts with chlorine and works to neutralize them. While this is a fantastic solution for a water supply that is high in chlorine, it gets used up quickly and is more than a bit expensive to replace.

Carbon shower filters

This is the most common and is considerably more expensive than most other filter technologies out there. Activated carbon is really cheap and while it does a reasonable job filtering out particulates and few harmful chemicals, there is a problem. The gripe these kinds of filters have is that they only function at a certain temperature – when the water is too hot, activated carbon loses its potency. If you are looking for a cheap solution and only take cold water baths, this is a decent option.

KDF filters

A KDF filter rids the water of chlorine lead, iron, mercury, and hydrogen sulfide – all of which are bad for the human physiology. It works by introducing dissimilar metals like copper and zinc and triggering a complex reaction which is known as a redox (reduction/oxidation) reaction. A small electric charge forces the release of chlorine and heavy metals from the water. While these work well, it needs to be combined with a simple sediment filter to achieve good quality filtered water. These are also known as two-stage filters.

Buying a Shower Filter – What you need to Consider

A shower filter is a worthwhile investment for a much healthier you. Given the costs and drastic increase in environmental pollutants, it should be a given in every household. But the question is what kind of shower filter would be right for you? The key is to identify the kind of water that comes through to your house and select a water shower filter based on that.

Another factor to look for is water pressure – if your shower pressure is too low, then you might need to opt for a water filter that performs regardless. The height of the shower arm also has a role to play when it comes to choosing the right shower filter. Select a stationary model if you have a shower arm that is high.

The fact that a shower filter is easy to replace also plays into the selection. Generally, people would like the fact that they don’t have to use tools to get it on and off their shower.


Q: Are shower filters necessary?

A: Water generally contains a lot of bacteria and pollutants which we are really vulnerable to when we take our shower. Certain areas may have even more contagious bacteria which can have adverse effects on health.

Q: What is the difference between Chlorine vs. Chloramines?

A: Chlorine is used in water because it is safe, and efficient at removing pollutants from water. This leaves a residue of the chemical in the water. Chloramine is when chlorine combines with ammonia. These chemicals are dangerous when there is significant exposure.

Q: How often do I have to replace filter cartridges?

A: It really depends on the kind of shower filter you’ve chosen as well as the prevalent quality of water in your house. For example, activated carbon filters tend to be very sticky and get clogged pretty quickly – 3 or 6 months.


Water filters are an important part of a hygienic showering routine, and you should get one regardless of the condition of the water. You could also get a water report from your local authorities that can give you more details on the quality of water that you receive. But this report notwithstanding, your shower can always use a shower filter that purifies a lot of impurities and chemicals depending on the type you purchase.

When it comes to water at home, there might be a lot of problems like excess chlorine, minor pollutants, heavy metals that are prevalent. A shower filter is a single answer to all these problems. Hopefully, this review has given you some idea of what filter you need to choose for your shower.