Best Handheld Showerheads – A Complete Guide

Showers are not just about cleanliness and comfort, they’re also about feeling relaxed and rejuvenated either at the beginning or end of the day. A lot of us are quite particular about our showers and the little details, like the soap or shower gel we use, the temperature of the water, and even the convenience with which we can use the shower. So, if convenient and all-round showers are a must for you, you must already be familiar with handheld shower heads.

Handheld shower heads are basically the same as what the name implies; they’re showers that can be held in the hand and operated as per our liking. They look exactly like a shower, but are attached to a movable hose that can be detached from the wall. Most handheld shower heads are big but not too big and just the right size to hold in one’s hand. They’re attached to the same waterline as a regular, wall mounted shower head.

Normal or wall mounted shower heads are the traditional kind, ones that cannot be removed from the wall and used. For a quick shower, a normal shower head would surely suffice however, most people believe that a handheld shower head gives you the liberty to clean every nook and corner and direct the water flow as per your liking.

Top 10 Handheld Shower Head Reviews 2018

Vida Alegria Handheld Shower Head

The Vida Alegria H5+ is a powerhouse of a shower head. It is made of plastic but comes with a sleek chrome finish. It is a compact but easy to use shower head, that is also quite easy to install. With different settings to choose from and a high pressure water flow, the Vida Alegria H5+ has a bunch of features to offer:

  • 4 different shower spray modes – A massage mode, a rain shower mode, a relaxing low-flow and soft shower mode, and also a drizzle mode that can help with saving water.
  • The wall fitting is made of brass and the joint is pretty sturdy, which means the shower head won’t move around when it’s docked on and is pretty reliable when it comes to cracks and/or any leakage.
  • It comes with teflon tape free for users to put a stop to any unforeseen leakages and keep the pipe intact and also is very easy to install as it comes with an instruction manual that has clearly indicated tips.
  • It also comes with a 3-year warranty, so one doesn’t have to worry if the shower head malfunctions.
  • The 2.5 GPS flow also has a restrictor that can be kept on or removed, and this is particularly good for low flow showers.
  • The hose attached to the shower is about 5 feet in length. Additionally, the hose can be extended for another 2 feet and it doesn’t pose any problems of getting stuck or tangled and is quite easy to move around.
  • The water pressure can be adjust with the help of the flow restrictor, so if you’re looking for a high pressure flow, it can be possible with this shower head.


  • Adjustable water flow
  • 4 different spray settings for convenience
  • Easy to install the unit
  • Flexible hose with decent length
  • Doesn’t require frequent cleaning


  • Plastic head not as sturdy as a metal one
  • Hose can be damaged easily

Expert Tip

If you’re looking for an easy to use, no-nonsense shower head that does the job, then the Vida Alegria H5+ is definitely a reliable option. For a shower head that isn’t too pricey, the whole piece is a good investment. However, one does have to be wary of having to replace the shower hose at least once a year, which is an additional expense. Apart from that, this tiny wonder if a shower head is a great choice!

KOHLER K-17492-CP Flipside02 Handshower

Kohler is known for its durable and user-friendly fittings, and the Flipside 02 is no different from their other products. It’s a sleek, multi-function handshower that offers a number of features and options to choose from. Unlike most other models, there isn’t a switch or button to choose amongst the different spray options, but instead there is a flipping mechanism which is both unique and simple to use.

  • It comes with four different spray modes that one can choose from, namely a soft and dense spray for a relaxing shower, a circular spray for free flow, a massage spray for targeting areas where there might be pain or discomfort, and a full coverage spray that envelopes the entire body.
  • One can make use of all four settings on a single spray head surface, which uses a unique flipstream technology. All you have to do is from the head on its axis to switch.
  • It has a sleek and ergonomic design which makes it easy to handle and use, even when your hands are slippery.
  • One does require to install a slide bar or a bracket to be able to mount this shower head.
  • It comes with a chrome finish that the brand claims can easily handle corrosion effects and is also easy to maintain and clean.


  • Includes Kohler’s WaterSense technology
  • A wide 8-inch shower head
  • 4 spray settings
  • Easy to use flipping mechanism


  • Plastic head might not be very durable
  • Hose needs to be purchased separately
  • Expensive for its segment

Expert Tip

If you’re someone who is smaller in stature and doesn’t like a very big or bulky handheld shower, then the Kohler Flipside 02 might not be the right purchase for you. However, if brand name, durability and quality of service are essential items on your checklist, then this model is a perfectly good buy and also has an edge over its competition because of its unique flip mechanism and also the comfortable 4-spray option.

Ana Bath Anti-Clog Spray 5 Inch 5 Function Handheld Shower

Who doesn’t like having the best of both worlds? Well, Ana Bath offers a double function shower unit with the SS5450CBN which comes with both a handheld shower head and a wall mounted one as well. This whole unit is perfect for an all-round, luxurious bath experience that doesn’t miss a spot and is very comfortable to use as well.

  • Both the shower heads can be switched on simultaneously or used separately, which means that this multi-function unit can be used on days when you are in a hurry or those leisurely times as well.
  • There are 3 main spray settings – a saturating one, a massaging one and a bubble spray as well. The great thing is that both the wall mounted head and the handheld shower head have these spray settings, so one can easily go for a combination of two settings on either of the heads and enjoy both at the same time.
  • It has a flow rate of 2.31 GPM, which gives a sufficient water flow quality and also saves more water than some other models in the same segment.
  • It comes with a sturdy, stainless steel hose which is a generous 5 feet in length. It also has two brass nuts on either end which prevents leakage.
  • It comes with restrictors in a bid to promote water conservation. However, these restrictors are removable and re-attachable as well.


  • Benefit of two showers in one
  • 3-spray settings that can be used in many combinations
  • 2.31 GPM flow for water conservation
  • Plastic head prevents rusting and corrosion
  • 5-feet easy to use stainless steel hose


  • Installation would require professional help
  • There is no ‘pause’ spray setting
  • Might not be suitable for a small showering area

Expert Tip

Having a two-in-one shower unit has a lot of different advantages, especially if you have pains in the body and want to really soothe yourself during a shower. This Ana Bath model is a great buy, and can be convenient to use for many different purposes. However, keeping in mind that you would require a little more space to be able to comfortably use this unit, it is surely a good innovative shower system which also encourages water conservation.

Delta Faucet 75700 7-Setting Handshower

This multi-use shower model comes with the guarantee and quality of Delta Faucet showers. If can be wall mounted to use as a regular showed or used as a handheld shower as well. There are several spray settings available, which means that everyone has at least one favorite setting to choose from.

  • It comes with a shower arm mount which facilitates hands-free showering.
  • The ball and socket wall mount is a pretty flexible one, which means that you can turn the shower head to different angles and use it according to your preference.
  • There are a total of 7 different spray options which include full, fine, fast, slow, champagne, full massage and also an energy saving mode.
  • It also has an anti-clog mechanism, which means that any mineral build up can be easily cleaned away and doesn’t require soaking or a detailed wash.
  • It comes with an easy to handle, flexible shower hose which is 72 inches in length and can reach even the toughest spots.


  • 7-spray settings that are easy to switch between
  • Energy and water saving mode available
  • Anti-clog feature
  • Can be used as handheld or wall mounted
  • Sleek build with non-corrosive material


  • Quality of hose can be improved
  • Doesn’t come with teflon tape

Expert Tip

Delta Faucet is definitely one of the most reliable and durable brands in the market for bathroom fittings. This particular model can be used two ways, which is a plus point, and it also has enough settings to be able to please very type of user in the shower, which makes it a definite people pleaser. Apart from that, owing to its sleek build and long functional hose, this model is a great buy if one doesn’t mind purchasing a few extra parts to make it more long lasting.

Moen Magnetix Six-Function Handheld shower head

Moen is known for always giving an extra edge to its products either with design and finish or with features. So, the Magnetix is a great combination of a contemporary look and feel and also an innovative build, teamed with some great features too.

  • It has a seamless clip-on magnetic mechanism which allows you to switch it into a wall mounted shower head by simply clipping it onto the wall magnet
  • It has an all-over chrome finish which not only looks great but also resists corrosion and damage.
  • There are a total of 6 spray settings – ranging from slow and mellow to rain shower and also a comforting massage setting.
  • It also comes with a flexible and handy hose that is 60 inches in length and very easy to maneuver.


  • Long and flexible hose
  • Sleek chrome finishing
  • 6 different spray settings
  • Magnetic clip-on wall mount
  • Also has a pause button feature


  • No water conservation feature
  • Slightly highly priced

Expert Tip

If you’re looking for a shower head that isn’t just about features but also packs in some good looks, then this shower head is definitely one of the better options. The Magnetix clip-on feature is one that is very unique and different from most regular wall mounting options and that’s a definite plus point. If also has enough spray settings to accommodate the needs and preferences of everyone.

Hydroluxe 3-way 2 in 1 Shower-Head & Handheld-Shower Combo

There’s nothing like a shower unit that gives you the maximum number of features and flexibility, because it enhances your shower experience by a lot of levels! The Hydrolyze 24 functions ultra luxury shower is one such option for a bathroom that wants the best of the best.

  • 5 full spray settings which include stay-warm mist, power message, wide rain, eco rain and also a pause feature.
  • If offers a total of 24 water drift patterns that are spread across the dual-use shower heads, nkrb handheld and the wall mounted units.
  • There’s is also an adjustable bracket for the handheld shower head that can be maneuvered easily.
  • It has a big enough 4-inch head that also has run clean jets to maintain your shower unit easily.
  • The hose is made from top-quality stainless steel and is 5 feet in length for ease of use and flexibility.


  • Two-in-one shower unit
  • 24 spray drift patterns
  • 5 functional spray settings
  • Patented 3-way water diverter
  • 10-year warranty and guarantee


  • Does not have an option to conserve water and energy
  • Unit can be expensive and take up a lot of space

Expert Tip

For a bathroom that is packed with luxury and convenience, even the shower unit deserves to be equally power-packed. For that reason alone, the Hydrolyze ultra luxury 2-way shower is a great investment if you’re okay with pushing the envelope a little. The 24 drift patterns and also the comfort 5 spray settings give you a complete and soothing shower experience that is worth every penny spent!

Delta 58480-CZ-PK 5-Spray 2-in-1 Hand Held Shower Head

If you’re looking for an economical shower head that will give you just the right type of shower without too many fancy settings but also reach all the places you need to clean, then the Delta 58471 4-setting shower head is an absolutely great buy. Whether you want to bathe your pets or get your tub cleaned, this dynamic shower head is a good option.

  • Delta uses its signature In2ition technology to create a 2-in-1 shower head that can be used for multiple purposes. This makes the whole shower experience a very versatile one for its users.
  • Installing this shower system is also fairly easy and convenient for someone who is looking to do it themselves.
  • Versatile spray settings which include the H2OKinetic spray, H2OKinetic spray with Massage, Massaging spray. All of these settings are great to use and can be switched very easily without inconvenience.
  • There is also a pause setting for water conservation when you’re not using the shower.
  • If also comes with the MagnaTite Docking system, which is a magnetic setting that allows the firm docking of your shower head every time you fix it back. This ensures that the shower is docked back securely.


  • 2-in-1 system for versatility
  • Sleek chrome finish
  • 4 settings in one shower
  • Unique wave pattern flow
  • Easy to install and maintain


  • 2.5 GPM uses more water
  • Lacks instructions manual

Expert Tip

Some of us aren’t really looking for a 2-in-1 shower that is too elaborate or for a unit that can take up too much space; for such users, this unit could be the perfect buy. It has not too many but just enough settings for a comfortable shower experience and also gives the quality of Delta Faucet without burning a hole in the pocket. For an economical but fulfilling shower unit, this is one of the best options available!

ShowerMaxx Premium Detachable Handheld Showerhead

For those of you who are looking for an affordable shower head that also has a very premium and luxurious feel to it, this Showermaxx model is a tough contender. Which different spray settings and a very premium and sleek chrome finish, this shower head is easy to dock, quick to install and also very durable.

  • It comes with a total of 6 spray settings, some of which are rainfall, circular massage, power massage, water saver mode and so on.
  • The shower head plate comes with ABS high-quality chrome finish which is a sufficient 4.5 inches in diameter.
  • The hose is a lengthy 5 feet which is very flexible and can be further extended to almost 7 feet, making it very versatile to use n
  • It comes with silicon nozzles that have an inbuilt self-cleaning jet spray mechanism, which means maintaining this shower head is no problem at all.
  • It has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM and also a water flow restrictor which convenient to attach and detach.


  • Super chrome premium finish
  • 6 spray settings
  • Water saver mode
  • Self cleaning jet feature
  • Extra long adjustable hose


  • Not very easy to install

Expert Tip

If one is looking for a luxury bathing experience but doesn’t really want to spend too much, then this Showermaxx option is definitely one to look out for. With a great look and also convenient spray settings, it’s convenient to use. Not just that, cleaning out dirt and settled minerals has never been easier! So, turning a regular bathroom into a premium one is quite a possibility with this variant.

Moen Handheld shower head (3669EP)

This compact but fully effective shower unit is one of the best in the market in terms of durability and reliability. It comes with Moen’s lifetime warranty and also with enough functionality for a user-friendly experience.

  • A 30-inch slide bar that is easy for docking the shower head and keeping it in place.
  • A 69-inch flexible hose which makes it easy to maneuver the shower head.
  • 4-inch diameter with a very sleek and easy to maintain chrome finished design.
  • A total of 4 spray settings which include a targeted massage spray, a combination spray, a full spray and an invigorating spray.
  • It also has the eco-friendly WaterSense tech inbuilt which consciously aims to use lesser water and energy without compromising on flow quality.


  • Uses only 2.0 GPM for water conservation
  • WaterSense technology
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 30-inch easy to use slide bar
  • Adjust 4-spray setting water flow


  • Doesn’t include a rainshower
  • No instruction manual for installation

Expert Tip

For the conscious user who is always looking for products that are eco-friendly, this Moen offering is a good option to consider. Compared to other handheld showers in this segment, the water consumption is very much reduced and the technology is superior. Also, some of us are very fond of a slide bar because of makes it easy to dock the shower head and also adjust the hose and water flow better. So, for a more sophisticated shower experience, this model is a great buy!

Hansgrohe 28518831 Raindance Hand Shower

  • This German brand is particularly known for its quality and style, and it doesn’t disappoint with the AIR 3-Jet handshower. This slightly simpler model is still packed with enough power to give a full and complete showering experience.
  • A large 6-inch diameter shower head disc that allows a full rain shower experience.
  • It comes in a brass-coating finish or a chrome finish, whichever the user prefers.
  • Quiclean feature which makes it easy to maintain and also unclog the shower head from time to time.
  • There are totally 3 spray settings, which are rainshower, single spray shower and massaging shower.
  • The hose for this shower if 4 feet in length, which is long enough to accommodate in a more compact showering area.
  • Hansgrohe also offers lifetime warranty for its products which makes it easy to maintain.


  • Large disc diameter of 6 inches
  • Includes pause mode as well
  • Durable and sturdy build quality
  • Affordable when compared to competition


  • Limited spray settings
  • No water or energy saving mode

Expert Tip

A minimalistic shower experience can be just as satisfying and fulfilling, and this Hansgrohe model is the perfect one to complement that. For a pretty decent price range, one can still manage to install this model that allows a seamless and comfortable handshower experience. And this of us who like larger shower heads and not very long hoses would be more than glad to purchase this simple but effective option!

Why are handheld showers a good option to purchase?

​1. Easy for parents who want to bathe young children and is much more effective than a bathtub.

2. Have pets at home or furniture that is too delicate to wash outside? A handheld shower would do the trick.

3. The massaging feature is great for quick relief from body pains and muscle soreness.

4. Gives the convenience of reaching all the spots in the body for a thorough and complete shower experience.

While purchasing a handheld shower, what qualities must you look for?

​1. The massaging feature is an essential one, because it is much easier to use with a handheld shower head.

2. Water conservation is also an important factor, as it also saves energy and money on bills.

3. The shower head must also be easy to clean and a self-cleaning or easy to clean shower head saves a lot of time and effort.

4. The showerhead unit should be easy to maneuver, and convenient enough to reach all the spots and be used in different angles.

5. A good water flow rate is also essential, to avoid disrupted water flow and for a smooth and uninterrupted performance

How important is water conservation?

While giving importance to a comforting and soothing shower experience cannot be ignored, saving water is also a moral standing that has to be taken into consideration. This is why many new-age models of shower heads and showering units come with special filters and restrictors which keep a check on water flow. This ensures that water isn’t wasted unnecessarily whilst also maintaining the quality and performance of the shower head


Q: How can I install a handheld shower head?

A: You have to follow the step-by-step manual that usually comes with a handheld shower unit. You could also watch video guides online or ask your neighbors for tips on how to install it the easiest way.

Q: What materials are good for handheld shower head?

A: shower heads come in either metal or in plastic with a metallic coating. Essentially, a plastic head would be less likely to get corroded easily and will also not rust.

Q: How much warranty to handheld showers come with?

A: Again, this is very subjective to the brand you choose. Some shower heads can come with 3 to 5 years of warranty while others can also offer a lifetime warranty.

Q: What is a slide bar?

A: A slide bar is a vertical docking bar for handheld showers that is mounted on the wall. It helps with keeping the shower head and hose in place.


Handheld showerheads keep ultimate comfort and convenience in mind, making sure that the user has the best, most personalized bathing experience. Now, whether the shower is for yourself or for your pet, or even for your children, a handheld showerhead is any day a much smarter and ergonomic option. Whether it’s a fancy shower or a basic one, it has to get the job done at the end of the day!